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MBBS in Russia

After studying MBBS in Russia I feel it has been a very enriching and incredible experiences of my life.Whats your take on studying abroad, is it worth your time and effort?

The way Russia treats its women is truly commendable and appreciable. Women here are respected and are not mocked based on petty insensitive things.There is no gender discrimination and women roam freely, independently and without fear.Russia enjoys good girls to boys’ population ratio. So you will see more girls than boys. You might even come across women driving tram, cab even at late nights.From a girl’s perspective, studying in Russia can be a really liberating and enriching experience.

Russia is a multinational and multicultural country with a favorable atmosphere which allows students to adapt to the lifestyle and explore the university life with great enthusiasm.
Russia houses some of the oldest and best Government Medical Universities throughout Europe.
Indian students due to Russia’s global standards and affordable system of education choose it as the most preferred abroad education destination.

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